The Story of Learning

I have achieved the goals in writing but for the first one I didn't add this in the goal which is to keep the reader interested in the story all the way through. Because I have a good beginnings and endings but sometimes my reader doesn't go all the way through unless they have to. And the second one I pretty much achieved every part of it. A couple of goals I would choose would be to keep the readers interested all through the book and put all my emotions on to the page so the reader can feel what I feel. I have achieved all my goals in Math but I think when I set these goals I wasn't sure I was knowing what was going to happen this year. I think another goal I should have for math is divide and multiply fractions mentally. I have achieved all my goals in reading goals but the second one "to summarize books with another person." Is me doing literature circle groups about the literature books Mr. Daw assigns us. One of my new goals for reading is to increase my reading periods to about 40 minutes.

I didn't really have great successes but I did have many challenges and most of them I have overcome. For example: I have just come across dividing and multiplying fractions and I have the multiplying down but not the dividing. But then Mr. Daw taught us the reciprocals which I stored into my brain because I knew it was going to help me for the rest of my life and it has help me so far. And that was probably the best challenged I have overcome this year.

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