The Story of Learning #2 Specials

1. Chinese Studies

I have learned many things in Chinese class even though I am a native speaker but the problem is that I don't write characters as well as I speak. It's a problem because I have a tighter schedule now that I am in 5th grade because we had more liberty to do things because I was too young before for example: Band. This makes my studying time is shortened so I am getting worse at it. But my speaking and reading is easier because living in Taiwan for 9 years helped me a lot with my tones.

2. Art

Art is one of my favorite subjects because ever since I was a little I loved to draw and color and I still do. On my spare time I usually draw things I think is cool so I can look at it and say "I drew that". I always think art is loads of fun because I show other people how creative I am and how artistic I am.

3. Music

Music is one of the specials I to relax because of all the music calms me down. The problem is that my brothers say I am tone deaf but I just ignore them because at least I am trying and me being in band is helping me with my note reading. My ensemble skills are pretty good so I can focus on the pitches.

4. P.E.

P.E. is one of my favorite specials because I get to run around to keep me awake and I love sports so P.E. is the only straight hour of exercising in school hours and I am usually energetic. The thing I am not good at is probably Gymnastics because I can't do cartwheels and that is an important grade but I didn't get to do it this year because I broke my arm.

5. Counseling

I enjoy counseling because I get reminded of my social life and it helps me improve it. I learn how to deal with bullies and other problems in life. Also who are the people in life problems.

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