The Story of Learning #2 Specials

1. Chinese Studies

I have learned many things in Chinese class even though I am a native speaker but the problem is that I don't write characters as well as I speak. It's a problem because I have a tighter schedule now that I am in 5th grade because we had more liberty to do things because I was too young before for example: Band. This makes my studying time is shortened so I am getting worse at it. But my speaking and reading is easier because living in Taiwan for 9 years helped me a lot with my tones.

2. Art

Art is one of my favorite subjects because ever since I was a little I loved to draw and color and I still do. On my spare time I usually draw things I think is cool so I can look at it and say "I drew that". I always think art is loads of fun because I show other people how creative I am and how artistic I am.

3. Music

Music is one of the specials I to relax because of all the music calms me down. The problem is that my brothers say I am tone deaf but I just ignore them because at least I am trying and me being in band is helping me with my note reading. My ensemble skills are pretty good so I can focus on the pitches.

4. P.E.

P.E. is one of my favorite specials because I get to run around to keep me awake and I love sports so P.E. is the only straight hour of exercising in school hours and I am usually energetic. The thing I am not good at is probably Gymnastics because I can't do cartwheels and that is an important grade but I didn't get to do it this year because I broke my arm.

5. Counseling

I enjoy counseling because I get reminded of my social life and it helps me improve it. I learn how to deal with bullies and other problems in life. Also who are the people in life problems.

The Story of Learning

I have achieved the goals in writing but for the first one I didn't add this in the goal which is to keep the reader interested in the story all the way through. Because I have a good beginnings and endings but sometimes my reader doesn't go all the way through unless they have to. And the second one I pretty much achieved every part of it. A couple of goals I would choose would be to keep the readers interested all through the book and put all my emotions on to the page so the reader can feel what I feel. I have achieved all my goals in Math but I think when I set these goals I wasn't sure I was knowing what was going to happen this year. I think another goal I should have for math is divide and multiply fractions mentally. I have achieved all my goals in reading goals but the second one "to summarize books with another person." Is me doing literature circle groups about the literature books Mr. Daw assigns us. One of my new goals for reading is to increase my reading periods to about 40 minutes.

I didn't really have great successes but I did have many challenges and most of them I have overcome. For example: I have just come across dividing and multiplying fractions and I have the multiplying down but not the dividing. But then Mr. Daw taught us the reciprocals which I stored into my brain because I knew it was going to help me for the rest of my life and it has help me so far. And that was probably the best challenged I have overcome this year.

January 8th 2010

1. What is one piece of important learning in reading or writing you have gained this week?

I learned that if you really get deep into your book you can really understand the book and can almost feel the words around you. Sometimes you can almost read it like your watching a movie.
2. Explain how this has helped you in your reading or writing.

It makes me read slower but makes me really understand the book so I improve faster.

3. Explain what the difference is between a common noun and a proper noun.

A common noun is a non-specific noun and a proper noun is a specific noun. For example: Dog is a common noun and Golden Retriever is a proper noun because it's more specific.

Math Reflection Unit 4

1. Tell why you think it is important to be able to divide numbers. For what kind of problems do you need to use division?

We have to know how to divide because if we need to divide something equally like money. If you want to divide a gift for your parents, you have to divide the money equally.

2. Tell what part of this unit was the most difficult for you and why. Describe what you did to overcome any difficulties you had.

The most difficult was when we needed to divide decimals and get an excact number. Or divide a number that becomes a decimal. To overcome this I just kept on trying and kert on going.


Jesus, the crow, Disciples and a crowd.

Jesus was telling a parable about a sower. It is about a the sower scattering his seeds on the ground. And he scatters them in 4 different places. The first place is on the path and the crows pick it up and eat it. Then it falls into rocks with shallow soil. It would spring up and get scorched when the sun came up. the other one falls on thorns and wen it grows it gets choked. Then the last one falls on good soil and grows nicely. This parable is the only parable that Jesus explains. The fist one means the people that hear the word of god(the seed) forget about it and get eaten by the crow(the evil one). The next one receives it with joy but dies away because it has no reason to live. After that the person hears the word of god and worries that of his life and the deceitfulness of wealth and choke. The last one accepts it and sows it into his heart and makes it a part of his life and lives well.

Writing Reflection

Writing Self Assessment

1. What do I notice about myself as a writer as I read through my work?

I notice that I sometimes miss out a word when I write too fast or I don't finish a word. It sometimes doesn't make sense or it's just not worded right. I think that I have to read back sometimes because finishing a sentence might make it sound better and sometimes it doesn't and I can't catch it. I just want to change it in a good way, in a blink of an eye.

2. How have I changed as a writer so far?

I'm adding a lot of better quality and better paragraphing.

3. What are three things I do well as a writer?

  • I add humor in my work
  • I'm very descriptive
  • A wide mind of imagination
4. What are some things I want to get stronger at as a writer?

I want to work on my punctuation and to be more specific.

5. What is my favorite piece, and what are the things I love about it?

I really like this piece I wrote at home and it's called the three genius pigs and the massacre wolf. I really like this because it was really imaginative because the wolf had a lot weapons and the pigs always thwart his plan. It turns out that the only person hurting the wolf is himself. The wolf is also really stupid( he never past the 3rd grade). This was a violent book but when I read it to other people they laugh really hard, most cry.


When I pick the highest prime number, it makes me feel really smart. I also like it when I find a factor when it's the other person turn. Adding the totals was really fun.

Making an array is good because when you make all the possible ways then you can find the factors like: 4 by 5, 2 by 10. 1 by 20 so 1,2,4,5,10, and 20 would be all the factors of 20.

I really liked lesson 1.5 on page 14 and 15 because you had to figure out if a number was a multiple of 2,3,6,9,5, and 10. to do that you had to use all the strategies to figure out the question. Example:
2; the second number had to be an even number(2,4,6,8,0)3; the digits had to add up to a multiple of 3, 6; it has to be a multiple of 2 and 3, 9; digits add up to a multiple of 9, 5; The last digit is 5 or 0, 10; The last digit is 0.