When I pick the highest prime number, it makes me feel really smart. I also like it when I find a factor when it's the other person turn. Adding the totals was really fun.

Making an array is good because when you make all the possible ways then you can find the factors like: 4 by 5, 2 by 10. 1 by 20 so 1,2,4,5,10, and 20 would be all the factors of 20.

I really liked lesson 1.5 on page 14 and 15 because you had to figure out if a number was a multiple of 2,3,6,9,5, and 10. to do that you had to use all the strategies to figure out the question. Example:
2; the second number had to be an even number(2,4,6,8,0)3; the digits had to add up to a multiple of 3, 6; it has to be a multiple of 2 and 3, 9; digits add up to a multiple of 9, 5; The last digit is 5 or 0, 10; The last digit is 0.

Molly's Dream

What dream did Molly have?

She wanted to be exactly like Mrs. Simmons because of all of her skills in samplers and sewing. Also Intelligence and because Mrs. Simmons has her own business. She wants a cottage right next to a pond with ducks and geese and a little dog. She wanted her family to be whole again.

What will she need to do to make her dreams come true?

Start her own business, be a seamstress after her indentures so she can make money to build a cottage near a pond and maybe get the family back together again

What? Reading time? Whooppee!

When I finish reading a book and I have to write a journal about it I really struggle with it. When I come across a word that I don't know I finish the sentence and try to guess what it means. But if I'm really stomped then I look it up in the dictionary. I read alot better and get into my book when the air around me is still and quiet. I don't like writting on post-it's because I don't like stopping when I'm in "my zone" and we think about our reading all the time why write it down because it'll probally take two hours to write down everything.